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Fast X-Ray Solution is a trading company specialized in fast industrial computed tomography and X-ray testing. We have been working for many years in the field of fully automated inline CT-testing. We offer you a one-stop service: inline system, automation, software and service – all over the world.

In the manufacturing industries, there is a rapidly growing demand for inline computed tomography testing.

An inline CT that is based on a modular system can easily be customized to the specific demands of your production.

There is an amazing number of processes that require a 100 percent workpiece testing. An example: Aluminium casting is a highly complex process that is influenced by numerous factors. A slight variation of one of these factors can lead to flaws that may influence the workpiece stability. Very often, such flaws do not become apparent immediately and only show up on the surface after finishing the manufacturing process.

With an inline CT (100% testing), you can detect the form and position of such flaws in a non-destructive way, and, by using an automated good/bad evaluation, avoid cost-driving post-treatments. By non-destructively detecting the form and position of shrink holes, cavities, cracks, etc., casting processes can be optimized and casting defects be avoided from the very start of a manufacturing process. With an Inline CT solution and a 100% production control, only immaculate parts will be delivered to your customer.

Thanks to recent hardware and software developments, we now can offer you exceptionally fast testing systems that not only check your workpieces in a fully automated way but may also be customized to the specific needs of your production.

We have only mentioned some of the manifold advantages of Inline CT systems. Please contact us to get more information about the possibilities and applications in your company.

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